Thursday, 31 May 2007

It's been an intense week

and it's still going, so i haven't even thought of taking pics or looking for the camera charger, but as I'm at the pc, i thought i'd do a quick post (hence the lack of caps).

one of the thrifted things that i've wanted to post a pic of was a tablecloth that i found in a charity shop. whilst trying to catch up with my 400 odd feeds(!) i found that dottie angel had just bought the same tablecloth (different colour) in the states!
so, imagine that in pink, with red roses. :)

the good thing about having a mega clearout (which is one of the things that i've been doing) is that you rediscover treasures, and one of the things i found is like a pirates chest of treasures. a biscuit tin (a danish butter cookies tin. i put the tin on the coffee table so i could have a rummage later and son saw it and thought it was biscuits. he was disappointed when i told him it wasn't! it's not like he doesn't have biscuits...we have a big tin full of them, just not danish butter cookies.) full of buttons, beads and sparkly bits. (this is a tin that i inherited from my dad so i didn't go through it properly when i got it along with all his other stuff)

so, (when i get back on track) expect to see lots of goodies.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Sorry it's been so long

I've been feeling down a lot lately and haven't felt like chatting.
Go make a pot of tea, this is going to be a long post, with no pics unfortunately. (camera battery has died, can't find the charger)

Back in January I had a miscarriage. It had taken us 4 years to get pregnant, only to lose the baby at just over 9 weeks. :(

So, I have good days and not so good days, and it seems that this month has been mostly not so good days, so please bear with me if it takes me a while to post/reply/email.

On top of that, these last few weeks, I've been worried about my eldest son D. He's currently living with his dad, but their relationship has deteriorated and the plan is for D to come here to live, but he's trying to earn enough money to pay his dad some of what he owes him, and get his ticket to come here.

Anyway, that's enough of the miserable stuff. I've been tagged by Gill at Lucy Locket! My first ever tag!

So here are my 7 weird things:

1. I'm left handed, but mostly use my right hand (we live in a right handed world). I use a knife left handed, write left handed, eat left handed, sew left handed.
Learned to play guitar right handed, as well as knit (which might explain why I have so many problems with knitting!)
oh, I use a saw left handed too. Well, that's like a knife innit?

2. I'm an old goth, tho nowadays most people think goths are the same as emos. We're not.
I started off as a punk at the end of the 70's, and evolved.
My parents thought for a moment that I was going through a phase, but they knew me better than that. My mum always thought I would be a hippy, this was back in the 60's, and she was pretty much right, I do hug trees. Which leads me nicely on to the next one.

3. I talk to trees (and sometimes they talk back to me.)
Honestly, some do! I was surprised myself the first time it happened!
I was sitting in my future in-laws garden, my back against a young eucalyptus tree, reading a book. It was getting a bit too hot so I decided to go in.
When I got up, I had this really strong feeling that the tree didn't wan't me to go, and it was like a petulant child, stamping it's feet and sulking. It was kind of freaky! Now I always say hello to him when I'm round there and give him a stroke.

4. I can dowse (as long as it's not anything I'm trying to find , or need an answer to for myself).
This ability was discovered one day at school when I was about 10.
The headmaster was taking our class while our teacher was away on a course and he ushered us down to the playground where we took it in turns to be blindfolded and spun around before trying to find where the drains and waterpipes where using a forked stick.
Only a handfull of us were able to do this. When I told my parents that evening, my dad went out and cut me a forked branch from the lilac tree. Later, they bought me a dowsing kit with a pendulum, rods and a forked rod.
My mum and dad are/were so cool!

5. I hate plasters (*band aids* for my american visitors) and sticky labels. Don't know why, because I can deal with other sticky things. So, I very rarely put a plaster on a cut, hate peeling off labels, and if I get a price label on me cos the adhesive wasn't very strong, I very quickly get it off me. It's almost a phobia.

And talking of phobias...

6. I hate being splashed on my face. I stop breathing and it scares me. I have no idea where this comes from. Maybe I was a witch that was dunked in a village pond in a former life, or maybe it's just that I'm not a good swimmer (tho I can swim under water quite happily).
If you splash me in fun while we're swimming, I won't be a happy bunny. Seriously. You have been warned! (just on the off chance that we might end up in water together somewhere, sometime) Really, I hate being splashed in the face. Don't do it.

I believe in ghosts.
When I was a child, I had a friend called Peter. He lived in the closet in my bedroom. My parents thought he was an imaginary friend, but one night I woke them up asking to get a glass of water for him. They asked if he was *in my eyes* that meant dreaming. No, he wasn't I said.

A few years later, we moved house. The house we lived in became 2 flats (appartments) and the lady that got the bottom flat was a friend of my parents, and my mum had started work collecting the rents for the landlords.
So she heard from the lady on the bottom flat that she had come home one day to find all the things on her mantelpiece on the floor, as if they'd been swept off.
And there were other goings on after that, but that was the most dramatic.

I think Peter was a bit miffed.

oh, and in the garden of that house, we had fairies.

are you still here? ,)

In my next post, I hope to show you pictures of some of the loverly stuff I've found in the charity shops, as well as a gorgeous picture that I bought from Simplesparrow.
As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it, (told hubby that I REALLY WANTED IT, but I didn't have enough money in my paypal acct, and now, it's sitting above my desk where I gaze at it lovingly!

ok, so I think that's enough for now.

Thankyou for listening, reading, posting comments.