Thursday, 23 August 2007

This isn't the thrifting post

But I just wanted to post some more pics that I took today!

This shelf is above my monitor. It holds some of my treasures.

Left side, from left to right.

I have a small collection of wizards and witches. The ceramic wizard and witch are by the same artist. I also have another larger wizard by her in another room as he's too big to fit on this shelf.
A pic of J and I taken about 8 years ago, and a bunny he got me at a fair.
A little box I received from DottyCookie in the PIF swap. She also sent me a cute keyring.
A little trinket box. I'll have to get a top down pic of this, cos you can only see the cottage and tree. It also has a pond with a rowing boat in.

And in the bottom, various bits and pieces that get put there to keep them off my desk along with my Powerpuff girl and some music cds.

Right side

Treeman. I love this piece. My dad bought him for me years ago.
The picture is the one I mentioned in an earlier post, that I bought from Simple Sparrow
The turned wood vases were made by my dad. He was brilliant at pretty much everything he turned his hand to. I got my arty crafty genes from him. :)
The origami dragon hubby made me, on our way home from our first night out. He made it from one of the flyers they hand out. It's survived 3 house moves!
The little blue flowerpot has a candle in, and was decorated by J when he was small.
The bottles are I think, old ink bottles. I inherited these from dad.

I love this picture. The artist was my dad, and the model, my mum.

I found it in dads garage when we were going through his stuff after he died. The frame was coming off, so some of the pic had got stained.

And here is a pic of my dad with my daughter when she was about 9.

Did I ever mention that he sold one of his artworks to Sam Wanamaker I'll have to do a post all about my dad sometime!


Gigibird said...

I think it's so sad how much you find out about people (especially family) after they have died.
After my father died I discovered so much about him that I wish I had known when he was alive.
It's lovely you have the drawing he did of your mum.

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, what an amazing piece of family art.

MollyKnits said...

Your dad was very talented!

Claire said...

The picture of your mum by your dad is lovely - I have a few things like that that my dad did, and I keep them. As well as them being beautiful they are so so precious because of who did them and the connection. Think I started going on about something like that when I first started posting. Love the view from your window. Our house just looks at other houses, which isn't very inspiring