Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Japanese Goodness

Look what the postman brought me yesterday!

I ordered the magazine and fabric from here. Leslie also popped some sweets ( I love Japanese sweets!) and some tape in my parcel. Lovely!

The magazine looks good, and has a dvd with it. I was surprised when I went to open the magazine and found that unlike the books, it starts at the back! I'm really looking forward to spending some time looking through the magazine. So far I've only quickly flicked through it, but there are some nice things in it and it's already filling me with inspiration!


Kuky said...

Ooh I love it when I get goodies from the postman. And I'll have to bookmark that store.

leslie said...

i'm glad your parcel arrived. and that the japanese way of things intrigues you! they read books from back to front ... according to us westerners. so many different things over here. love it. happy sewing!