Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Only 3 Days Into The Easter Holidays

And the kids around here are bored already and causing trouble.

When hubby came home, he mentioned that he'd seen some kids climbing over the fence from the motorway embankment. Shortly after that, I noticed smoke blowing across from the common. We decided to take Sheba for a walk and investigate.

As we were crossing the road, a fire engine came and turned up the road to the common. We could see that there were at least a couple of areas on fire. When the police turned up, hubby went and had a chat with them and told them of the kids he'd seen. The police said the fire had been started deliberately and had another report of a boy matching the description that hubby gave.

What is it about boys that makes them do stupid things? Their *bit of fun* has put homes and lives in danger. There are a few houses on the common, one worryingly close to the fires, not to mention the sheep that graze there, most with lambs at this time of year.

One of the boys had a very distinctive hairstyle and the village isn't very large so hopefully they will be found and punished.

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