Sunday, 1 April 2007

Some photos

As my camera needs charging, (and I don't remember where I put the charger) I thought I'd post some pics that I've taken over the years that I've lived here.

When we first moved here, the gate across the common opposite us was broken and we didn't have a dog, so our gate was always open too. This meant that the sheep on the common would often come across the road and visit us.

There was one sheep in particular that we got to know as she was very recognisable by her patchy fleece. She seemed to be the leader, so I named her Mrs.
At first she came on her own. Then she came with a couple of others. Then a couple more, and then a few more.
It didn't get out of hand though. There were only a select few who were in on the secret of the lush grass here.

And then it was lambing time and she brought her twins over here. I felt privileged. She felt safe here.

So, after a long preamble, here are the pics of Mrs and her flock.

And here she is with her lambs, tucked up next to the oil tank.

I haven't seen her for a few years. The gate on the common got fixed, and we got a dog which necessitated closing our gate (and dogproofing all the other bounderies!)

Then there was the squirrel.

I thought there was only one but then realised there were two or three.

I'd fed the squirrels, putting nuts on the windowsill.

I got to know the one that was left, and she got to know me. She knew that I would put food out.

She would tap on the window for if I hadn't left any nuts out, and when she had babies she brought them too.

Doesn't it look like she's smiling?

The squirrels have long gone now that we have cats.

Meet Nibbler and Pixel.

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weirdbunny said...

We had four sheep that took up residence under our living room window. They were from a farm on the opposite moutain. I was pregnant at the time, so for weeks I was contacting the animal welfare to take them back to the owner each night !