Saturday, 31 March 2007

An Urge To Go Thrifting

Is what I had today. It was a strong urge and couldn't be ignored, so off hubby and I went to Bridgend. There are only 3 charity shops there, and often we come away empty handed, but not today.

Our first stop was Oxfam where I spied a biscuit maker. It's like an icing syringe and comes with loads of discs to make different shaped biscuits. It looked unused and had all the bits, but there was no price on it. The lady behind the till pondered a moment before saying "1.99?" "Ok" we said, and paid her.

Next stop was the British Heart Foundation shop. This is the biggest charity shop in Bridgend and is where I got my pretty pink coffee pot. A rummage in the clothes was very fruitful. I needed a lightweight brown cardigan to wear with a dress I'd recently splashed out on at Laura Ashley, and I found exactly the sort I was looking for. Then a green short sleeved knitted top caught my eye, and 2 skirts. The skirts are both the same, but in different colours, one with a black background, the other with a white background, printed with big roses. These will be great summer skirts.

As I wandered over to hubby I noticed that he was holding a box. It was a Powerpuff Girls board game. I love the Powerpuff Girls (my favourite is Buttercup, the green one) and we love board games, so now we have a new game to add to our growing collection! Then, when we were looking at the household bits, hubby spotted a mincer. I've been looking for one for ages, and this also looked unused.

The Cancer Research shop was next. I didn't find anything that I wanted in there, but hubby bought a couple of books.

So, the moral of this story is, if you get an urge to go thrifting, give in to it, you never know what you'll find!


Gill said...

Yes, I had the urge today too but I held back because our local Car Boot sale starts again tomorrow, weather forecast looks ok so I'm hoping to pick up some bargains too! It's been a long winter.

Donna said...

Lovely. I always give into the urge and very rarely come away empty handed :-)