Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Well, that was interesting.

Today there was an accident on the motorway and the traffic was pretty much at a standstill all afternoon.

Shortly after hubby and son got home, there was a knock at the door. This doesn't happen often. Usually the only people who come here are expected (deliveries, postman or milkman). So, as I went to open the door, I was understandably curious about who it could be.

A young, smartly dressed woman stood there. She explained that she'd been stuck in the traffic on the motorway for 2 hours and wondered if she could use the loo. She'd gone up the embankment, (there are steps there which are by the field at the top of our garden) and clambered over the fence (fortunately for her, when whoever it was recently cut down some trees on the embankment, they had broken the top rung of the fence) to get to us.

As I ushered her in and showed her the way to the bathroom, I was horribly aware of the litter tray in the hall. It wasn't dirty, but the kittens have a habit of scattering litter everywhere. Then I saw the kittens food bowls which we have on a square part of the stairs, behind the stairgate (to stop Sheba eating their food) the area around them was also messy, as they seem incapable of eating their food without taking it out of the bowls first!

I briefly wondered what she would think, but was glad that the bathroom was clean.

When she came down, she thanked me profusely and went back to her car, across the garden, two fields and a fence.

My next post will be a long post about Mother's Day and last week. It will include pictures of cupcakes, my mothers day presents and a day out.


Gill said...

Ooh I know how you feel,if anyone ever turns up unexpectedly to mine I find myself apologising, I know people should take you as they find you but I'd prefer them not to arrive on the day I haven't got to the loo yet to clean it, especially with teenage son who's a bit messy!

weirdbunny said...

I'm sure she was just so releived to use the bathroom that she didn't care about the mess. I wouldn't !