Friday, 20 July 2007

More weather chaos

My blog is just like busses. No posts for ages, then 2 come along together!

My son chose to visit his girlfriend in Brum today. He got a cheap day return train ticket and off he went. Except, now it's turning out not to be cheap, or a return on the same day as he's stuck there with no trains running due to flooding. It looks like we might have to go and drive up there to pick him up tomorrow as apparently Bristol Parkway is going to be closed for 3 days. His girlfriend is stuck too and is waiting for her uncle to pick her up and take her to his house for the night (she's travelled to Brum from Northampton and can't get back there either!). Dan is going to see if he can stay with her uncle too, and we'll have to pick him up from there.

Fun fun fun!

So, while I was checking things out on the BBC site, I noticed that a lot of South London has been flooded too, including where my mum lives, so a quick call to her was made to check that she was ok. She's fine, but she said that at one point there was water bubbling up through the plughole in the bath. Luckily it didn't get any further, and now everything has dried up where she is.

Fortunately, we're at the top of a hill (hence the blog name!) so we don't have to worry about flooding here.

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Gill at Lucy Locket said...

I've never seen rain like it yesterday! I bet there are a few stories like your son's, I did smile at your comment though, not cheap and not a return! Mum to the rescue.
Here in Hemel I happened to be out in the downpour, had to sit in the car for a while until it passed. As I was driving home I noticed the draincovers all along the road had was incredible. Such a worry for those already hit by floods earlier this month.