Sunday, 22 July 2007


So, while we were waiting for Dan to get home, we popped into Porthcawl. I wanted to go to the alladdins cave (sewing/haberdashery/knitting etc) to have a look at and feel the Debbie Bliss yarns and also to get another crochet hook.

First stops were the charity shops. (of course!)

We went to one that we hadn't been to before as it was off the main street and I found that they had loads and loads of china. So I got a sandwich plate and a gravy/sauce boat with saucer, and 3 balls of yarn that will probably become my first crocheted item.

They were also very in need of someone to help organise the shop. I would have helped them at the drop of a hat, but I'm not near them and don't drive.

I can see the gravy/sauce boat being used for raspberry couli rather than gravy (tis too pretty for gravy) except, I've never made couli, and if I do, it will be a one off!

In one of the other shops we got some books for Dan and hubby, and a couple of skirts for me (it was buy one, get one free on clothing and books).

One of the books was a Michael Moore book signed by him. We like this guy, with a whole load of sceptisism, which is what I think he would want.
So that was a score, and Dan has almost finished it.

So, I also got a crochet hook and a couple of skirts.


dottycookie said...

Oooh, you should make a coulis one day, it's easy peasy and very nice to have on ice cream! (And a good way of using up over-ripe berries, too).

weirdbunny said...

Thanks for the candy link - I showed how to do reasberry sauce on my blog the other day, it's really easy. Haven't been to porthcawl for ages, didn't know they had a haberdasherie store there.