Thursday, 13 September 2007

Autumn, my love/hate relationship

Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with autumn.

I love the colours, I love the harvest, I love the things that happen between now and the end of December (a few birthdays, our anniversary, guy fawkes night, and christmas/winter solstice).

What I don't love is the fact that it means winter is coming.

Oh, I love crisp, sunny, blue sky winter mornings, but unfortunately they are few and far between.
Normal winter days are grey and cold and often wet to boot.

That, I don't like. And I don't even have a fireplace that I can build a fire in to make it feel better. (there is a fireplace, but apparently the smoke comes out in the bedrooms)

But anyway, I didn't want to moan about the coming of winter, I just wanted to note that the swallows have flown.

They nest in my in-laws garage on the otherside of the motorway, but often fly over here. In-laws said they had flown yesterday, and this morning I saw a couple of stragglers trying to catch up.
This afternoon I heard a bird chattering away and saw that it was a lone swallow.

As is my wont, I turned the chattering into human speak! Like (Johnny Morris)

"Where is everyone? Oi, stop hiding! Look, I just went out for a few bugs. I can't help it if I got up late. My alarm didn't work."

I hope he catches up with the others.

In other news, Dan has got his stuff from his dads now, so we're really cramped (moreso than we were before, and how the hell did that much stuff fit in his small room at his dads, cos it doesn't fit in his small room here?)

Matt has got his start date at work and will be staying with us (until he gets his own place) at the end of this month, and Caroline, my bestest friend, is applying for a job in HR at the same place.
They NEED her. Really. They can't find their arse from their elbows!

And I am so looking forward to having my best friends nearby.

Thankyou to all the new people who have commented on my blog, it's really lovely seeing new *faces*, and of course, thanks to the regulars. It means a lot to me that you you hang around!


Angel Jem said...

Love Johnny Morris... he is one of my abiding childhood memories, in a time when we didn't really need to know how an elephant procreated, just that it did.
I love Autumn and all the Winter until Christmas, when I get low because of the light. But like you say, if winter were all crisp and bright and even it wouldn't be too bad!

Gigibird said...

Never say never - a chimney can be's not cheap but it is possible.
As you know I am the world authority on woodburning stoves and chimney lining is relatively straight forward - about £1k
I hate August as I'm am no good in the heat I love the approach of winter.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Hi Jules, long time no speak, I've had very little spare time this past couple of weeks so am really enjoying catching up with my favourite blogs. I love the pictures of your bread making, it's so nice to see photos again...I like Autumn and Winter, I love being able to wear warm clothes and getting cosy when I come home from work. But you're right, some winter days are just horrible.
Gill x