Monday, 10 September 2007

Walnut Bread

I decided to make some bread yesterday. I use a recipe in one of the River Cottage books, but this time I decided to tweak it. I replaced the olive oil with walnut oil, and added a couple of handfuls of walnut pieces and this was the result:

It's rather nice, especially with butter and honey, and I'm sure it will also go well with cheese. The only thing that I think I'll do different next time is use less salt. Hubby didn't think it tasted salty, but I do! Anyway, it was a hit with him, as he's a big fan of walnut bread, so I'll be making it again.


Annie's Abode said...

That looks yum! I love walnut bread - you should post the recipe as I am sure there are plenty of us who would be interested.
Love Ax

Gigibird said...

That looks wonderful.
I am thinking a few nice cheeses and some homemade pickle?