Sunday, 16 September 2007

Lookie what I got today!

We went to Sully car boot again. After wandering around most of it and not buying anything, I came across someone selling bolts of fabric.

Now, as you may have realised, I'm a bit of a collector of fabric, so I went and had a rummage. And found these beauties. Of course, I had to give them a good home!

I've got a feather filled single quilt, so I'm planning on making an eiderdown with some of the fabric, as well as a cushion cover and maybe some lavender filled hearts or something.

My sewing machine's going to be busy!


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

That material is fab-no wonder you were pleased!!

Ragged Roses said...

A bolt of that fabric! You are so lucky, Have you come away from your sewing machine yet? Thanks so much for the birthday wishes
Kim x
Glad to see that I wasn't the only one who's teacher never spotted her absence!

Sarah and Jack said...

That is lovely fabric.

Samantha said...

Oh -so NOT fair. You jammy thing. What a great find!